Consignment Stock

When placing orders for workwear there is often a turnaround time which can be anything from 2 days for 2 weeks depending on the items ordered.

This is of course detrimental to some firms who may need the PPE products delivered much quicker than 2 weeks which is why BHI Workwear offers a consignment stock facility.

Consignment stock allows each firm to plan ahead with security and confidence that if they need a specific product delivered as soon as is humanly possible it will be there.

BHI have firms who use specialised products such as furnace rakes which need to be engineered and cannot be bought off the shelf and as such it is imperative we have as much notice as possible to produce them to order.

The solution is to forward order and store them in one of our secure warehouse sites ready to be delivered with 24 hours or sooner if absolutely necessary.

The advantage for customers is there will be minimum disruption to operations or productivity if they take advantage of the consignment stock facility.

Consignment stock is available for all products from logos to footwear - if there is a product line your company uses much more than others and therefore has a premium that continuity of supply is paramount we can facilitate your requirements by setting up a fully auditable consignment stock list which will only be used by your firm and no others.

The main question is always cost as essentially a firm will be ordering more of a given product than they will use at that time however if you factor in the cost of not having those products available it becomes a clear benefit to having the products ready-made and easily dispatched.

Consignment stock is something which will be offered by BHI Workwear if we see a pattern forming or can see the potential for delays however if you wish to discuss the specific benefits of this facility please call us beforehand as we can outline and the pros and cons for such an approach.

Consignment stock facilities are not always applicable for every company and BHI will advise you if there is a requirement for this facility.

However with adequate communication and planning the turnaround times for any workwear clothing, uniforms or PPE will not be an issue.

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