BHI Workwear have supplied all major industrial sectors around the UK for over 30 years and as such we know that there are varying demands for product lines, uniforms and work clothing which change from company to company and industry to industry and as such creating a general package deal is complex and not actually a great benefit for many people.

If you see package deals from other workwear suppliers you will often find a very generic list of products which will invariably contain polo shirts, T-Shirts and maybe a pair of workwear trousers.

This isn’t always attractive to many workers or firms as they will each have certain PPE or clothing requirements which are often too specific to create a “package deal” and place it on their web site.

What makes BHI Workwear different in this regard?

BHI can actually create bespoke package deals for each company who requests them, this means you will have access to the full range of products your business uses rather than having a couple of items that offer value and others which are superfluous.

We take a brief of which workwear clothing you use and compile a list of products which will offer greater value to you and your firm than buying each product individually.

At that point once we have agreed on the parameters we can then create man packs for each worker which means each package deal will be created and shipped in a sealed bag ready to be handed out in a quick and easy process.

This saves time, money and energy helping to eradicate inactivity and maintain productivity with minimal interruption.

The added advantage of creating your own package deal is there will never be any wastage as each package offer will only contain products your business actually requires and at a price that you will see as offering real value for money.

For more information about creating bespoke package deals for all your workwear clothing, PPE and Uniforms call 01709 527603 or email us at