BHI workwear or to give us the full title Brian Hurt Industrial supplies is a family owned and operated business which has over 35 years’ experience in sourcing and supplying PPE (Personal protective Equipment) and Workwear clothing for some of the largest firms in the UK and beyond.

In that time BHI has witnessed many changes in product construction a development to industrial changes within the working practices and applications. BH Industrial Workwear was established in an age when the typical work clothing was a pair of thicker trousers which were seen as being harder wearing as they would take longer to tear. This philosophy was the basis for great brands like Dickies and Carhartt successes and was largely unchanged for over 70 years

Over the last 40 years changes in all workwear clothing and PPE applications have advanced to a point where health and safety is pervasive in all areas of operations from site security to highways to chemical works to school trips. Personal Protective Equipment has become a perennial legislative phenomenon.


This does not mean all common sense has been removed from the equation even though some of the changes do make you scratch your head sometimes and this is where BHI will fit in.
In a landscape that is constantly evolving and changing with best practices and new policies being introduced we can see how some people will have part of the picture and a few facts but not know how to select the best products suited for their specific requirements.

What people need is someone they can work with who will advise on several options rather than sell into them.
Someone at a firm they can trust and build up a relationship based upon great service, good advice and be solution orientated.

BHI Workwear has some very solid foundations which is why we are growing year on year.
•    Never knowingly beaten on price
•    We advise rather than sell
•    Every customer has unique requirements
•    Budgets are important however so is value for money
•    Dedicated Account Managers
•    Bulk Order Discounts
•    Trade Accounts
•    Bespoke Package Deals
•    Full In-house Logo Service
•    User Trials
•    Man Packing Service
•    Online Ordering Systems for larger firms
•    Bespoke Product Creation – from clothing, footwear to industrial tools

The key indicator of good business is repeat business and this concept is one of our most highly prized ideals.
BHI has a one simple approach to this: it’s not about the next sale it’s about the next 100.

Far too many companies out there look to secure a great margin at the cost of doing business over a longer period of time essentially they look for the next sale and don’t think about the long game.

By cultivating a sense of working to and for the customers best interests we can align ourselves and our operations with more firms and therefore deliver much more harmonious services and performance.


BH Industrial offer trade workwear accounts which can either be credit terms or pro forma payments depending on the firm’s preferences.
The added advantage of trade accounts are dedicated account managers who can be reached by phone, email or in person to assist fully with orders, reorders, issues, advice, product knowledge or simply as a fact finder for you in terms of quotes, supply, performance, and applicability for your operational requirements.
BHI offer an online ordering service which for larger firms allows simple order build ups on a dedicated secure platform which will display your pre-agreed prices making it as easy as going to any ecommerce website to buy products.

We offer bulk order discounts which enables our clients to maximise their value for money on all their workwear and industrial PPE as well as other ancillary requirements that may not necessarily be under the work clothing umbrella.
In other words we can place all the order in one basket and offer one price or we can offer discounts based upon the quantity of each product the choice is down to which ever works out to be more attractive to each firm.

We offer bespoke package deals for those firms with diverse job roles within the operation so we can kit out office workers, managers, site operatives, site managers through a much more diverse clothing range than may be offered on our website at first.
It’s important to us and our customers that we don’t foster a culture of paralysis by analysis where there is too much choice.
BHI Workwear will advise you fully so you have all the pros and cons before we make recommendations that allow firms to have all the facts to make an informed decision.

Why Choose BHI Workwear over other suppliers and distributers?

We will go that extra mile to make sure the buying process is as seamless as possible.
We will work with you to provide samples when needed and offer user trials on products to demonstrate the real value.

If you want a better class of service with a dedicated point of contact who has a working knowledge of the arena you operate in as well as the products which are the most applicable while offering you a great quote and real value for money.
Then BHI are the right PPE and Workwear clothing outfit for you and your firm.

Call 01709 527603 or email sales@bh-i.com for more details about how we can work with you.