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BHI Workwear is a family business, established in 1979 with a distinct principle to source the best workwear clothing, PPE and safety equipment for our clients at the most competitive prices. Our mantra became "we won't be beaten on price" which is still as true today as it was then.

BHI Workwear stock and supply the leading brands of workwear clothing, footwear and other PPE including High Visibility clothing and GO/RT Rail Spec work wear. Brands available: Scruffs, Cofra footwear, Dickies Workwear, Helly Hansen, Mascot Workwear, Praybourne Pulsarail, Pulsar, Port West, Regatta and many more.

The long standing tradition of personal service is often over looked when buying goods online no matter what the product. Personal service helps to establish confidence in both the supplier and the goods that are being sought which can add value and reassurance to the whole experience.As an online clothing supplier BHI Workwear do not operate from a garage or bedroom we have first-hand knowledge of all the Workwear clothing, uniforms, PPE, Consumables, Safety Equipment and footwear and like to think we advise rather than sell our goods.

For us personal service is extremely important to help establish exactly what the customer requires and for us advise accordingly. Our strategy is not to concentrate on the next sale it’s about working with each customer, company or individual for the next 10 to 20 years, advising on the best work clothing options and maintaining the account to make sure we can supply exactly what each customer requires while offering the best value for money.

BHI Workwear like to conduct ourselves in a professional yet approachable manner whereby we actively encourage people to call us, meet with us and feel totally secure that we have covered all the details to make sure every order is taken care of.Buying workwear clothing and uniforms for a workforce can be problematic which is why BHI offer a full and total solution backed up with support and great advice. Whatever challenges or problems you have dropped on your desk, call BHI Workwear and pass those problems on, we will always offer a solution where applicable.

Call us today to speak to an expert for all your uniform, workwear, PPE and safety equipment requirements.

When placing orders for any uniform, workwear, PPE, footwear and safety equipment, there is the inherent problem of passing these products out to the workforce once the order has been delivered.If the order only has a few polo shirts and trousers that will be easy however if the firm has a larger workforce of more than 10 bodies then a great solution which BHI Workwear offers is to “Man Pack” the uniform and clothing into a sealed bag clearly marked with the relevant identifiers.

These man packs can be easily handed out to the employee with no issues and solves the problem of having workwear and uniform clothing left over in “wrong” sizes for the last workers to appear and collect their kit or people being passed the “wrong” uniform.

To ensure the minimal amount of mistakes, BHI Workwear will always advise we send out a sizing kit for the workwear garments agreed upon that way each workers can try on the clothing and record the correct size. These records can be compiled and forwarded on to BHI to create each designated man pack with no errors ready to hand out on completion of the delivered goods.

Man packing is a simple solution to so many problems when ordering uniforms and clothing for work especially if workers operate off site or in multiple locations. BHI Workwear will work with all customers who take up this solution and can even arrange to deliver the packs to individual addresses instead of a central address.

Couple this solution with our online ordering system and you will never have any headaches when placing orders ever again.

Call BHI Workwear to discuss both man packing options as well as our bespoke online ordering system today.

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